Miranda at the beach creating art.

Miranda at the beach creating art.










Miranda Celene

Artist Miranda Celene is a native of Colorado, USA. She currently resides in the Pacific coast of Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Her artwork is a reflection of the surf culture and beach life.  

More than a decade ago, she studied Art Photography at Colorado State University-Pueblo. After moving to Japan in late 2006, she began expressing herself through painting and sculpture. Influenced by abstract, pop and street art, her artwork embodies a colorful palette using playful designs, bold lines and shapes. She uses a variety of mediums in her work, including acrylic, spray paint and paint markers. 

She has displayed her art in various areas throughout Japan, namely Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama and Chiba. Also her art is in Sri Lanka, South Korea and the USA. 

Through her art, she opens the window to a new world to challenge people to see the everyday life with more positivity. 

You can find her painting at the beach or outside in her garden.